President’s Message

President's Message

Solid Technologies to Tomorrow and to Future!

We, Japan Overseas Consultants Co., Ltd. (JOC), are a civil engineering consultancy which was founded in 1965. Since then, JOC has contributed to infrastructure improvement projects in developing countries consistently as a professional development consultant. Over the past 50 years, JOC has executed more than 160 projects in over 40 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle-East, Latin America and CIS. Most projects have been financed through the development programs of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank (WB), the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Inter-American Bank (IDB) and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development. Since 2006, JOC has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Toko Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. which is one of Japan’s most respected civil engineering consulting companies and has increasingly kept going. The present state of the world affairs surrounding natures and politics has been changing on a daily basis, technologies demanded for the development consultants have been also changing. We will strive to provide technologies capable of immediately responding to changes in society and to make full use of the experience of infrastructure improvements that are especially road and environmental infrastructure technologies which have been cultivated and accumulated so far. We, JOC's motto are "Challenge to the global bright future”, “Group of experienced engineers leading the global technologies”, “Conservation of the global environment continuing change” and “Preservation of the global peace through overflowing creativity". We will continue to develop, improve and stabilize the infrastructure of developing countries in order to provide “Solid Technologies to Tomorrow and to Future".

Japan Overseas Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Cheif Executive Officer
Mr. KONNO Keigo