Contents of Projects

About Projects JOC involved

JOC has been contributing to the improvement of infrastructures in developpng countries. We conducted bridge/road construction, ground investigations and environmental researchs in Russia, Asisa, Africa, Central and Sauth America ,Papua New-Guinea and Paciffic Irelands. The relevant governments and international banks appreciate JOC very much. We also have technical guidance and assistance activities in home and overseas respectively.


For the construction/rehabilitation of bridges, JOC is able to carry out durability evaluation, goround investigation, designing, construction super vision and mentenanc.


JOC has experiences of construction/rehabilitation of roads in contries very cold to right on equator and able to construct suitable road to the resion.

Geotechnical Investigation

JOC can carry out various type of ground investigation from exploratory drilling, seismic survey, electoric logging, various laboratory soil tests or their supervision.


JOC can carry out sumilation of air pollutants , noise/vibration transmission, ground water contaminants movement, consolidation settlement. Slope stability analysis, etc.

Capacity Building

JOC can provide a capacity building for the executing agency to harness human resources who will satisfy the needs of the country’s future development. Such capacity building will be structured in such a way as to fit for the purposes with curriculum suitable to each stage of planning and execution including evaluation and recommendation.

Environmental Assessment

Submission of EIA document is the condition for funding from international banks. JOC can prepare EIA report including all fields, such as ecosystem, social issues, and public pollution.

International procurement assistance

JOC can provide assistance to the executing agency in procuring international qualified contractors through international competitive bidding in compliance with the guidelines adopted by respective donors. Such assistance will include preparation of bidding documents, qualification criteria, bid announcement, pre-bid meeting, evaluation of bids, reporting to the Client and approval of the donor.

Resettlement Assistant

JOC can prepare Resettlement Action Plan as is vital for Loan Project. We can organize DMS (Detailed Measurement Survey), preparation of budget based on the market price and hold public consultation for the affected people.

Construction contracts dispute avoidance

In executing construction contracts, employer may face difference in contractual interpretation under the FIDIC Conditions. It is the Engineer’s important role to avoid such disputes, however if it develops into dispute settlement procedures, it can advise and assist appropriate steps to be followed in accordance with the clauses in the FIDIC Conditions of Contract. JOC has accumulated extensive know-how and experience in this area as well.

Laboratory Soil Test

To design foundations, we can carry out all kind of laboratory soil tests such as physical and chemical properties, permeability, consolidation and shering test covering unconfined, triaxial, etc.

Ground Improvement

Soft ground causes long term consoidation settelement and slip failure. JOC can solve the issue of soft ground properly through designing/supervising preloding, installing vertical drains, monitering of movement based on the subsoil investigation.

Bearing Capacity of Soil

For designing of foundation for heavy structures, JOC can perform/supervise large scale plate loading test, repeated loding test etc. Based on the resuls, amout of settlement is accurately predicted.

Earthquake Resistance

For earthquake resistant designing, we can carry out sophyscated analysis such dynamic analysis, earthquake-response calculation.

Public Consultation

In the developing countries, implementation of public consultation is must in Loan Project. JOC has know-hows how to hold public consultations for EIA and RAP.

Land Slide

For prevention of land slide, slip and rock collapse, we can perform, geotechinical investigation, designing, and construction of protective structures and monitoring of movement.

Earthwork Control

We can control the compaction of soil for rpad and foundation, by insitu density tesr, compaction test, CBR, plate loading test,, etc.

Pile Installation

Pile is often used to support heavy structures. We can design, install, examine the capacity and maintain these piles.

Asphalt Pavement

For the proper designing and construction of asphalt pavement, JOC can perform aggregate investigation, sampling of hot mix, stability test, Marshal test, density test.


We can manage garbage collection system including analysis waste components, collection, transportation and treatment in the finsl dumping site.

Due-deligence in M&A

JOC has much experiences of due-diligence activities in M&A. JOC was mostly involved in the fields of pollusion investigation such as discharge, waste,etc.